Social Media Marketing

Every business should make social media marketing a priority.

Social Media Marketing in Charlotte, North Carolina
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social sites are great places to build awareness for your business or cause.  They are also places where many businesses can waste a lot of money.  At ZAEN Marketing™, our direct-to-consumer approach using these powerful media outlets focuses on testing measurement and performance.  Your communications and ad creative get smarter as your targeting and media spend get more precise.  Every business, non-profit or faith-based organization in Charlotte, North Carolina can benefit from our disciplined approach to social media.

Although social media marketing varies for each individual business, there are a few standards that should be followed every time a new campaign is launched:

  • Quality over quantity, always. Your posts and ads should be of high interest to your target.
  • Measuring the performance of your posts and ads, then investing in the ones that perform gives you two things: increased current social media ROI and a stronger start out of the gate for your future campaigns.
  • Your social media marketing campaign should focus less on promoting the products and services your business offers and more on adding value to the conversation through quality content and interactions.
  • Building relationships is one of the most important parts of social media marketing. Comments and replies from your audience are an open invitation to deepen your relationship with that person and potentially with everyone who reads your reply.
  • Although you’ll see brief glimpses of benefit at first, social media marketing is a practice that builds on itself over time. Don’t expect to see great results overnight, but do remember great results are coming.

Let us help your business discover the power of performance-based social media marketing! Schedule a consultation with us at ZAEN Marketing™ today by giving us a call.