Custom Fundraising Programs

If you need help devising custom fundraising programs for your organization, we’re here to help.

Custom Fundraising Programs in Charlotte, North Carolina

Fundraising – it’s an essential part of your organization’s success. While this is true for any operation, it’s especially true for faith-based organizations and non-profit operations. If you need help devising custom fundraising programs for your organization, whether faith-based, non-profit, or commercial, we’re here to help at ZAEN Marketing™. Let us determine exactly what you need and want out of your fundraising efforts and compile a complete program designed to encourage others to donate and contribute to your cause.

While we offer ready-made videos, we also offer custom fundraising programs. Our programs highlight an organization’s goal in a positive way without capitalizing on obligatory or guilt-based tactics, so participants feel like they are contributing to a greater cause. Know that our programs can also encourage participants to not only provide financial gifts, but non-financial offerings, as well.

We have years of experience creating custom fundraising programs for our clients, so we are very aware and knowledgeable about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making a mark on others and encouraging them to give. Over the years, we have created exceptional fundraising programs that provide inspiration, produce results, and above all, allow organizations of all types to exceed their financial objectives.

We are ready and waiting to help your organization in the Charlotte, North Carolina area reach new heights with one of our custom fundraising programs. For more information about our approach and what we offer, reach out to us at ZAEN Marketing™ today.