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About Zaen Marketing™ You’ve spent months, or possibly even years, on development, and you’re ready to turn what you’ve come up with loose on the world. ZAEN Marketing’s, creative approach to media strategy combines the accountability of digital and direct response with the reach of mass media, our solutions can be customized to fit your budget. With our help, the advertising can even pay for itself. We provide content creation, media management, and promotion for businesses of all sizes and in all industries, including faith-based organizations and nonprofits. We also work directly with you to set you, your team, and your product up for a successful launch. We specialize in still photography, branding, direct response, live broadcasting and social and paid media. We will utilize whatever  is needed to maximize your campaign’s financial performance and solidify your brand as a leader in its marketplace. Above all, our primary purpose is to turn your passion into long-term growth. Walking with you every step of the way, we customize a marketing strategy for you based on your particular industry and unique goals. Get started today by scheduling a FREE webinar to learn the secrets of using 1 on 1 marketing to maximize the impact of your marketing budget.